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At Pavecon we have made it a priority to be a top paving contractor serving Midland, Texas. Our team of asphalt professionals has made our objective to deliver the best customer service experience in the industry. With superior attention to detail, Pavecon has set itself apart from others in the industry. Our team offers services such as parking lot paving, parking lot maintenance, and asphalt repair. Whatever your asphalt paving needs are, Pavecon is the paving company in Midland that you can rely on.

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Midland, Texas

Midland is located in Midland County, Texas. There is also a part of Midland that spreads into Martin County, Texas. Midland acts as the county seat for Midland County and is a part of the Southern Plains of Texas’ western area. As of 2015 the population of Midland was approximately 133,000 residents, making it the 24th largest city in Texas in terms of population. Because of the booming oil industry in the region, some current population estimates extend beyond 155,000. Midland is also the center of the Midland, Texas Metropolitan Statistical area that consists of the entirety of Midland County.

The city of Midland was first founded in 1881 as a midway point between Fort Worth, Texas and El Paso, Texas, along the Pacific Railroad. Lubbock has some historical significance as the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush. It was also home to form presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, as well as another family member and former first lady, Barbara Bush.

Midland is home to Midland College which contains the McCormick Gallery in the Allison Fine Arts Building. This is one of the biggest art galleries in the area and is consistently changed throughout the year by the Midland College Students and faculty. The Arts Council of Midland helps to provide promotion and public relations for the gallery. Midland is also home to a number of well-known libraries such as the Haley Memorial Library and History Center, the Midland County Library, and the Murray L. Fasken Learning Resource Center at Midland College.

As a prominent city on the southern edge of the Llano Estacado, and the center of the Permian Basin oil fields, Midland has consistently been a strong economic force in Texas.


Local Apartment complex parking lot paving project details below!

Long Time Midland Client Looking for Asphalt Paving

We were contacted recently by a long time client. They were looking for asphalt paving services in Midland, Texas. The client explained to us that he was renovating the apartment complex parking lot that he owned. We had been the paving company that provided his initial asphalt parking lot many years before. The client told us that he was looking for pavement maintenance. He needed to perform his scheduled sealcoating to his asphalt surface. He understood how important sealcoating was as a preventative form of parking lot maintenance.

The layer of sealant acts as a highly effective barrier, protecting the asphalt surface from penetration by foreign materials. Over time, liquids, objects, chemicals, and more will penetrate your asphalt surface. As this occurs your asphalt becomes more prone to cracking, potholes, and other forms of deterioration. By consistently performing asphalt maintenance, you can extend the life of your asphalt surface by many years.

The long time client was very pleased with the price and schedule that we provided in his quote. He knew that at Pavecon, our dedication to the customer is unparalleled. We were able to complete the asphalt maintenance work within a single day.  The parking lot maintenance work went off without a hitch and the client was very happy with our work throughout the process. He told us that he would continue using the premier paving contractor in Midland for all of his asphalt needs.